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Useful information on insurances

This gives you a quick overview of the legally required insurances, insurances which are highly recommended and other insurances depending on your personal circumstances. 

State Health Insurance

Who is eligible for the compulsory public insurance scheme?

  • Employees (if you earn between 450€ and 4,425.50€ per month – 2018 data)

  • Students

  • Recipients of social welfare benefits Others

What are the advantages of choosing the public health insurance instead of the private one?

  • Fees do not depend on your age or your health status

  • Your medical history doesn't matter

  • All public health insurance companies offer the same basic benefits and there is no difference between those benefits

  • Students with low or no income benefit from a fixed reduced rate.

Private Health Insurance

  • Best Choice to apply for a VISA

  • Chosen by those who do not fall into the compulsory public insurance category, e.g. self-

  • employed or freelancers, employees above a certain salary, and so on.

  • More complex, because fees are based on your state of health, your age and on your insurance tariff, thus fees can change from one person to another.

3rd party liability insurance

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  • Most important and yet the least expensive

  • Provides cover to you in the event that you commit an act for which a German court would consider you ordinarily negligent

  • No ceiling on the level of damages an individual could have awarded against them for an act they committed, even one committed innocently but carelessly, or for the misdeeds of their dog or horse


  • Strongly recommended and often contractually required, when you are renting a property



  • Knocking over a vase while visiting a friend or in a shop

  • Causing an accident as a pedestrian by not crossing at the zebra crossing

  • Causing bodily injury whilst skiing or engaging in other sports activities

Accidental Disablement Insurance

  • Often forgotten or just ignored as it is uncomfortable to think about

  • It normally pays a lump sum in the event of a valid claim resulting from an accident.

  • As a rule of thumb, a policy for 100% disablement should provide cover for 5-6 times the insured's annual gross income.


  • Household Contents

  • Legal Assistance Insurance

  • Car Liability Insurance

and many many more

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