Brendan Todd
Banker (Chamber of Commerce)
Financing specialist (Chamber of Commerce)    
Insurance specialist (Chamber of Commerce)
Expert for company pension schemes (DVA)

      b.todd@finanz-system.de          +49 81 37 - 53 99 61

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In close cooperation with a team with more than 50 years of experience in the market, I serve my clients with financing of all kinds (private, commercial, mortgage and consumer). Here I work with over 150 banks (regional and supraregional) approved in Germany.


Your Investment may consist of a professional fund asset management, classical or modern annuities, from a real estate acquisition or attractive participation models. Here I work with 12 custodians and more than 150 fund companies. My offer includes more than 18,000 investment funds authorized for distribution in Germany.


In the insurance field, I can offer my clients exclusive concepts. Here I work together with more than 100 insurers and focus on the needs of the customer.


Trust me - as more than 1000 clients!

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